The State of the Sector: A Look at the Health of the Organizations Serving Children & Youth in our Community

To read the Call to Action and learn more about the state of the sector, click here.

The nonprofits serving children, youth, young adults, and families in our community are under tremendous strain. This report take a look at some of the myriad issues they face, including:

  • Massive deficits and year over year losses
  • Difficulty hiring and retaining staff while facing increasing demand
  • High staff turnover rates – often 40% or greater – which increases training costs
  • Government funding that does not cover the full cost of doing the work
  • Sweeping changes in healthcare that increase liability and administrative costs
  • Increasingly burdensome compliance expectations
  • Nonprofit proliferation
  • Diminished funding from United Way
  • The impact of racism and classism on our clients, and the urgent need to transform our work to address inequities.

This report summarizes the current health of the organizations who founded the Brave Commitments table, and suggests the likely outcome of continued neglect.

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