Welcome to Brave Commitments

Brave Commitments is a group of nearly 50 nonprofit executives committed to strengthening and sustaining the nonprofit system that supports children, youth and families in Washington State. Non-profit agencies have made the brave commitment to speak in a united, collaborative voice to urge governmental entities to fully fund the crucial services they provide. Throughout Washington, communities depend on nonprofit organizations to serve unmet needs: safe places, after-school programs, counseling, food security, housing stability, behavioral health, foster care enhancements, youth development and mentoring. These organizations are under stress and strain.

The Campaign for 20 is this committee’s first initiative to call on government and funders to cover the full cost of services delivered under contract.

The State of the Sector: A Look at the Health of the Organizations Serving Children & Youth in our Community

To read the Call to Action and learn more about the state of the sector, click here. The nonprofits serving children, youth, young adults, and families in our community are under tremendous strain. This report take a look at some of the myriad issues they face, including: Massive deficits and year over year lossesDifficulty hiring…

A Blueprint for Success: A Provider Plan for King County’s Children, Youth, Young Adults & Families System

Open our Blueprint for Success by clicking here. This plan was created by the youth providers at the Brave Commitmentstable. It describes our vision for a County where our children, youth andfamilies have what they need to grow up healthy, safe and supported. The plan is one of three actions undertaken by the Brave Commitments(BC)…

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