What can my City do?

A transformation is needed in agency services and funding structures to stabilize the human services system to deliver on its mission ensuring that every child, youth, and family thrives. Insecure and inadequate funding limits nonprofit agencies capacity for creativity and effectiveness.  Insolvency and closure are real threats to our community’s human services infrastructure. As COVID continues to ravage our communities, we are engaging policy makers NOW to ensure that our human services are strong and sustainable, in the future and over time.

  • Strengthen the commitment to human services in your city. Demonstrate the city’s commitment within five years:
    • Commit a 6 % of your budget to human services.
    • Continue to support your commitment to human services commission and staffing.
    • Support your commitment to human services with a commission and staffing.
      • Create a human services position.
      • Create a human services commission.
  • Ensure that your city has a continuum of youth development services, including wraparound services for youth and families.
  • Support the providers you rely on with full-service delivery, cost of doing business, service contracts.

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